Who We Are


Safe Kids Orange County provides childhood injury prevention outreach to the Orange County North Carolina community to reduce the occurrence and severity of childhood injury and death.



Safe Kids Orange County shall be a visible and consolidated partnership of community organizations to promote and provide proactive childhood injury prevention outreach to the Orange County NC community.



Safe Kids Orange County began in Partners in all areas of the community working together for a common goal: to create a safer place to live.


Research has shown that injuries are not accidents, but are predictable and preventable events, which can be controlled with proven strategies. The Safe Communities concept works because it puts injury prevention into the hands of the people in the community; those most impacted. The partnering of the community businesses, law enforcement, health care agencies and providers, schools, employers, advocacy groups, local government, and others to work towards a common goal is what creates a coalition. When a community coalition responds to an identified problem by joining its resources a tremendous amount of work and change can occur. Prevention is the key to reducing the injury, disability or death from traumatic events.


Safe Communities Coalitions have been formed in sixteen North Carolina counties and development and expansion of a Safe Communities Coalition in Orange County was made possible by a grant from the NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program to the UNC Health Care Trauma Outreach Program. A Safe Community Coalition works to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries by using proven strategies.


Collaborative relationships and the creation of partnerships within the community provide more resources to share the work and create a sense of ownership and belonging within the community. A community working together in an organized way can institute major changes to benefit all the people living and working in the community.