About Safe Kids Orange County

Safe Kids Orange County is dedicated to providing all members of the Orange County, North Carolina community with information and resources to decrease injury, disability and death, and the costs to the community that are associated with injuries.

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Hey Orange County Students!

If you had to tell your friends about walking without distraction, what would you say to make them safer? We would like to make you famous! We want you to make a video reminding your friends how to be safe. That video would get entered into a local contest through Safe Kids. If your video wins based on your knowledge, your skill, and your ability to get the message out there, it will be sent to Washington, D.C. and judged by really cool people. That’s after you win a $50 Amazon gift card! Click here to find out how to be entered.


Safety Tips

Browse our comprehensive collection of information on the most common injury risks for children. Click on the icons below for specific information on how to keep your children safe and injury free in our different prevention areas.